Our Mission

Our Mission
To be recognized as the market leader in the packaged ice industry through excellence in customer service and superior product quality.

Our Values

To achieve this mission, we will embrace the following values:

Excellence in Customer Service:
Excellent customer service is the key to our success.

We will:
Treat all customers with respect by following their store policies, keeping our work areas clean and dry, and being courteous.

Treat all people with respect by answering questions and concerns, and representing the company in a professional manner at all times.

Operate all company vehicles in a considerate and professional manner and keep them in a safe operating condition.

Utilize technology that makes our deliveries faster, accurate, and more efficient.

Superior Product Quality:

Providing products of superior quality is our objective.

We will:
Manufacture and distribute packaged ice that is free from defects and any harmful contaminants.

Maintain superior product quality by using proper production practices, proper rotation, and consistent service.

Keep all refrigeration equipment in good working order.