Purification Process

Water Source
We start with a high quality municipal water source.

Then we purify the water with a state of the art Water Purification System.

5 Stage Water Purification System

Activated Carbon Filtration

Two-Stage Micro Filtration

Ultra Violet Light

Stage 1: Ozonation
Disinfects the water (stronger than Chlorine)

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

Removes any color and odors

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter
Removes any Ozone

Removes any Taste or Odor Compounds

Removes any Remaining Chlorine

Stages 3 & 4: Two Stage Micro Filtration
Phase 1:

Removal of debris

Removal of sediment

Removal of large suspended solids

Phase 2:

Removal of small suspended solids

Removal of Micro-Organisms like Crypto Sporidium and Giardia

Stage 5: Ultra Violet Light
Disinfects and Kills Bacteria or Viruses that may have survived the proceeding processes